Best Home Pizza Ovens Reviews

Presto Pizzazz Plus Rotating Oven
Rotating tray turns continuously to assure even baking.
Top and bottom heating elements bake foods from both sides.
Timer signals end of cooking time and automatically turns off heating elements.
Uuni 3 Portable Wood Pellet Pizza Oven
NEW model Uuni 3 wood-fired oven capable of 932°F
Heats up in just 10 minutes and cooks a pizza in 60 seconds
The definitive tool for your garden or outdoor kitchen
Pizzacraft Pizzeria Pronto Outdoor Pizza Oven
Dimensions : 18.6" x 18" x 15.5"
Reaches cooking temperatures of 700F
Preheats in only 10 minutes

Best home pizza ovens

I have yet to meet someone who does not like pizza. It is one of the most popular foods around the globe, and we have found hundreds of ingredients that we can use for making it. Pizza places rarely go out of business, making a lousy pizza can make a lot of people hate you. As long as you are a restaurant with tasty and well-done pizza, you will always have customers.

It is funny how such a meal has become so popular. Do you know how pizza came into existence? Did you know that poor people invented it? Some Italian people who had no money for food decided to cook a meal using what they had in their pantry. They had a little bit of this and a little bit of that. They put all the ingredients on some dough, and pizza came out. It may have been the last resort for some people, but it is the first choice for many of us.

While pizza places are in almost every city (even the small ones), some of like cooking our pizzas at home. After all, it is not that hard, and as long as we discover the secret of the crust, we have it all figured out. However, to make an excellent pizza, not only the ingredients matter. The way of cooking it is important as well. That is why you should look into a home pizza oven.

Types of home pizza ovens

As you can imagine, there is more than one type of pizza ovens. Manufacturers have been competing over the years to create the perfect device for making the most delicious pizza. They succeeded for the most part because not all of them are the same. Some pizza ovens are better than others, but at the end of the day, it is you who decides that. Here are the types I am referring to.

Gas pizza ovens

These may be the most common type used at home. They deliver a fantastic flavor, especially when we are talking about a lot of meat on our pizzas. Plus, such a model allows you to control the temperature and the heat of the cooking unit. They are convenient because all you need to do is clean them now and again, but other than that, they do not require much maintenance. They are not very expensive either.

Electric pizza ovens

The electric home pizza oven is just as popular as the one that uses gas as a source of power. It is very convenient to use, and you can control the temperature settings on this one as well. However, you do not have to pay as much attention to it as you must with a gas pizza oven. There can be no leaks, it is effortless to use, and the flavor is pretty much the same. However, chances are that your electric bill will be more substantial because it consumes a lot of power. Like any other electric oven, for that matter.

Wood fired pizza ovens

When it comes to a pizza’s flavor, nothing can beat a wood-fired pizza. The texture is brilliant, and the crisp is mouth-watering. Generally, such a model is made of natural materials such as metal or ceramics. Plus, they can work on wood, but they can also work on gas or electrical power.

Brick-lined pizza ovens

If you want the perfect amount of moisture in your pizza’s crust, then this is the model you are looking for, it can be powered by gas, and it is made of stainless steel on the outside plus refractory brick on the outside. As a result, the heat is spread evenly. The crust will definitely come out better than from an electric oven or conveyor. As for the taste, it is to die for.

There are also conveyor pizza ovens, but they are for commercial use. That is because they can make multiple pies at the same time, and it can make them as fast as possible. It is not suitable for home use. Not that you would need such a pizza-making monster.

How to choose the best home pizza oven

Now that you decided that you want a home pizza oven, you must know how to select the best one. That should not be tough once you have all the info. Here is what you need to consider before making a purchase.

  • Type – before deciding anything else, you need to determine what kind of home pizza oven you want. This is a matter of preference, and you should go with the one that seems the most convenient for you. However, put all the factors in balance so that you are satisfied with your choice.
  • Size – not all home pizza ovens are created equal. Some are designed to make small and medium pizzas while other can make large pizzas. However, my advice is to go big. Why? Because if you plan on making pizza for your family, they will never complain about making too much of it. However, when it is too little, you may have a few complaints. And it can also compel you to spend more time in the kitchen making another pie from scratch.
  • Construction – I can bet that if you buy a home pizza oven, you will use it quite a lot. That is why you need a durable model that can take the abuse over the years. Go for sturdy materials such as stainless steel or aluminum for durability. They can never fail you. Plus, if you go electric, make sure that the heating element and the plate are resilient. That way you will not be looking for a new model in just a couple of years.
  • Ease of cleaning – no matter what type of home pizza oven you go for, make sure that it is easy to clean. Whether it is a dishwasher-safe plate or a plate that has a non-stick coating, it does not really matter. The point is to not spend too much time scrubbing off the residue after making pizza. Plus, think of all that dry, fat, melted cheese on the plate. That is the best argument I have.
  • Temperature control – not all home pizza ovens have this feature, but I think it is important most of the times. After all, a thin crust vegetarian pizza will take less time to cook and lower temperature than a fluffy crust meat deluxe pizza. Don’t you think? That is why the home pizza oven should at least come with temperature levels if not an exact temperature regulator.

What are the best home pizza ovens?

Now that you know what to consider when you want to make a purchase, you can take a look at a few models and choose the one you want. Just make sure that you make an informed decision. Always read the technical specifications so that you know what you get. Reading some home pizza ovens review online can also help because you can learn about other people’s experiences with a particular product that you may want to buy. In the meantime, take a look at the products I found to be excellent. Maybe you will love one of them, and you do not have to go looking for another.

Presto Pizzazz Plus Rotating Oven

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If you are looking for a product that bakes the perfect pizza but also looks fantastic on your kitchen counter, then this is the model you are seeking. It has a beautiful and elegant design that will make you enjoy it just by looking at it. However, beauty is not one of its strongest suits. It makes the perfect pizza every single time. The fact that the tray turns continuously ensures even baking.

The top and the bottom heating elements bake the pizza on both sides. At the same time, the elements are controlled separately so that you can get the perfect results no matter what kind of pizza you want to make. You can select top, bottom, or both, whichever you think necessary. The device also features a timer that notifies you when your pizza is done. The timer also turns off the heating elements so that the pizza would not burn if you are not in close proximity.

The Presto Pizzazz is an electric home pizza oven. It is incredibly versatile because you can cook fresh pizza, frozen pizza, plus other meals as well. It is much more efficient than the ordinary oven, and you can save on power. The baking pan is removable and has a non-stick coating. It is easy to clean and store.

Uuni 3 Portable Wood Pellet Pizza Oven

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This is a different type of home pizza oven, but it does not mean it is less efficient than the previous product. Since it uses wood pellets as a power source, you need to put it outside. However, the flavor of your pizza is much improved as opposed to using an electric pizza oven. It is a known fact that pizzas made in wood ovens have tastier crust and toppings. Of course, it is a matter of preference, but it is a general opinion.

One of the best things about this pizza oven is that it heats up fast. It only takes 10 minutes to heat up, and your pizza is ready in as little as 60 seconds. The manufacturer used materials of the highest quality. The oven is made of stainless steel, the handles are made of wood, and the baking board is made of cordierite stone.

This oven has an insulated body, which means that it maintains heat efficiency. The wood pellet burner allows you some control, but not as much as you have with an electric oven. Even so, with a little bit of attention, you can make the perfect pizza every single time. The unit has 3 legs for maximum stability on any surface, and the fact that you can disassemble the parts makes it incredibly portable. You can take it with you while camping or going to the beach.

Pizzacraft Pizzeria Pronto Outdoor Pizza Oven

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The last home pizza oven that I wanted to show you is the one made by Pizz acraft. It is yet another excellent home pizza oven that will help you make the best pizzas for your family and friends. This time, the pizza oven runs on propane, but it can burn for two hours on a one-pound propane tank, which is more than enough to feed a crowd.

The Pizzacraft pizza oven needs only 10 minutes to heat up, and the temperature can reach as much as 700 degrees Fahrenheit. It takes only 5 minutes for one pizza to be done, and you can immediately insert another one. You do not have to wait for the stone to heat up to put in another pie.

The construction of the unit is highly durable. The baking stone will bake the crust evenly every time, while the heat shield will redirect the heat back to the pizza’s topping. That way you get the perfect crust and perfect toppings at the same time. The unit also has a moisture vent that allows steam to get out from under the shield. Your pizza will never come out soggy. The model is lightweight, which makes it portable. You can take it when you go camping, tailgating, or when you want a day at the beach.

My recommendation

I have to admit that I like all three models, but if I had to go with one of them, I would choose the Pizzacraft Pizzeria Pronto Outdoor Pizza Oven. It is sturdy, efficient, and it runs on propane, which is cheap and convenient. I think it is one of the best home pizza ovens you can buy.


Having a home pizza oven can come in handy. You can save some money on pizza deliveries, you can make the perfect pizza you like every time, and you add whatever ingredients you want. Plus, a pizza oven can be faster than deliveries. I am sure that no matter which product you choose, you will be happy with the results. Click here to buy on Amazon

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